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  • Be able to manage and control account and devices that every single customer has, like: alarm panels, sensors, cameras, doorbells, etc.;

  • Setup in which central station you want to forward events and start a partnership;

  • Control many accounts and devices for a single customer;

  • Configure a sub-dealer level of access and permissions to manager its accounts;


  • Open API to integrate your CRM and any other software platform to facilitate your process;

  • We are open and able to integrate with any hardware out on market;

  • Control and integrate the subscription plans that you will be offering;


  • Through mysecurity app be able to offer to your customer a perfect control of every single device that he has;

  • Not only security control, but also automation;

  • Edit account data and sync all these information with the backend;

  • Receive push notifications and check the timeline of the occurrences that have happened;

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Segware has more than 20 years developing technology for a safer and better world and has been market leader in Brazil with more than 65% of market share with also a worldwide presence. 


We offer dealers and central stations a cutting edge platform to manage their customers and monitoring operations.


We always seek ways to help our customers and partners to growth, focusing on innovation and integration with the best hardware and solutions on the market.


We work to offer the best experience and efficiency for dealers and central stations, from the managing and operational areas up to solutions for the end-users.

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Gilmaycon Adorno

... we are offering mysecurity with an affordable price and a ground breaking business model... 

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Luciano Moraes

... with more than 15 years in this market, I'm pretty sure that we'll be delivering


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Maike Cunha

... we have a dedicated sales team very well trained and prepared to visit you, anytime and anywhere ...


Renato Martins

... with the best team and best technologies, our mysecurity backend platform is shaking the market for good ...


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